Vessel DPO in China

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:
Holding DP certificate issued by Nautical Institute;
Under 50 years old;
At least ten (10) years’ experience as DPO on DP2 or DP3 DSVs.

DPO should inspect with DP checklist and maintain DP watch before the DP mode and should be on duty when in the DP mode on DSV.
Ensuring all functioning of equipment on DPV in good condition.
As DPO should perform the dynamically positioned for DP vessel in accordance with the requirement of project.
Carry out maintenance of the DP system and make the spare part requisition plan according to the specifications.

Working Period: 42days
Working Time: 24hrs/7
Meal: Chinese/Western food
Cabin: Double Berth Cabin
Communication Equipment: VSAT System onboard
Working Language: English
Report to: Chinese Captain

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